Japanese Style Tattoos

In 2009 and 20013 i worked in Okinawa Japan @ Oneshot Tattoo studying the style of Satoru Koizumi San ,here are some of my Japanese style Tattoos ,Satoru is a Legend

His fine work inspires me always 

6 thoughts on “Japanese Style Tattoos

  1. Hi.
    I have a half sleeve tribal and am looking to add black an grey japanese to finish the sleeve. (Same sort of thing as one u done with flowers).
    Not looking to getting it done until march 2016 time.
    How much is a day rate.and what times would that be start/finish as when i book i will need to book a flight (from leicester)

  2. Been so indecisive on where I was gonna get tattooed and finding somewhere/someone who does a lot of Asian tattoos. Your work is simply amazing and I’ve been really interested in getting a Japanese maneki-neko shin piece done some point this year. Roughly what would you say the pricing usually is for a shin piece :)?

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