Samuari fights Dragon full back !!!!

This has been on the go for 3 years now since my 1st visit to Japan, all lines with a loose 3 as I was shown the boldness of the line is deceptive , note the dragon in behined the spiral ,

This is the year to bring this to an end , wee Scott is a tough and uncomplaining customer we even done a tag team sit on him to speed up this piece , (more bang for your buck)!


The signature bar on the side Is the phonetic translation into kanji .this was chosen for me by Satoru Koizumi San and I’m proud to tattoo it on large scale japanese pieces

If the customer permits me to add it ,

Here is my own back piece by Steven Wrigley of Irezumi Glasgow note the chop (signature block to be filled)

Here is Koizumi Sans Horiyoshi 3 back piece shaded by hand, note the chop on the lower left,
Thanks for reading!

only real men wear pink!

D.M.T Stole my psyche!!!

heres a crazy sleeve im working on at the moment,Spacey ,new world order Alien themes,with the D.M.T code in the middle/!

v for vendetta ,alien and earth shiz!

v for vendetta ,alien and earth shiz!

chakra and orb man

chakra and orb man

wheel of life and color dotwork madness

wheel of life and color dotwork madness

hold on to the seat Derek,Your Trippin'

hold on to the seat Derek,Your Trippin’

Big thanks to Derek on this for being mega imaginative on this,

Tattooing and Traveling (Stirlings Top Mark)

Darryl Mullen

On Tuesday i nipped Through to Top Mark Tattoo in Stirling to receive and do a small Tattoo on their artist Darryl Mullen,

I got a wee lucky mallet

then i made some script    

       (i nicked this pen ,sorry guys,)

    Then i went to the old Graveyard,there were many great old gravestones in there,

Insipration in the the Room

In the shop ive tried hard to make a functional and inspiring place to work in and be tattooed in, (only today a customer was gazing at the reflection of a sharps bin in the chrome paint drips and decided to mimic the orange to yellow colour fade in his Tattoo..)

In my workspace at home its a starker leaner enviroment but …..

Hard @ it

,whores will have their Trinkets…heres some of mine


  My Drawing desk with old business cards on it

silver mexican fighting cockrels