More  on this back piece  

straight of a flight from Canada a quick shower and then another full day sitting on this ,hardcore dedication to the bodysuit tattoo 

Enjoying this one , check previous post for full info on the theme here 
The mental and financial strains  of the body suit are a true measure of your dedication ,

these days with tattoos being more common and visible ,work on this scale is the next step in maintaining the mystique and awe that tattoos can  possess.

Leg sleeves in progress





Some progress shots of two leg sleeves I’ve been working on , oni slaying TIger,foo dog, on one leg,
Raijin and Fujin the Japanese gods of thunder and Wind on the other ,this has all been done rapidly in full day sittings after starting on an arm sleeve last May were now onto leg 2 with some work remaining on leg 1,





A busy year ahead at Timeless Tattoo

The summer has been busy ,we are encouraging our customers who are getting ongoing work to book staggered appointments ahead to avoid disappointment ‘
The drawings are still piling up !!!
There will be a limited amount of new projects started from here till December to ensure ongoing customers, can get in to get their work completed
Thanks for your patience
We have many exciting guest artists coming to relieve some of the pressure .

” if you’d have taken him away from the Edge ,you would have taken the Edge out of him”