More  on this back piece  

straight of a flight from Canada a quick shower and then another full day sitting on this ,hardcore dedication to the bodysuit tattoo 

Enjoying this one , check previous post for full info on the theme here 
The mental and financial strains  of the body suit are a true measure of your dedication ,

these days with tattoos being more common and visible ,work on this scale is the next step in maintaining the mystique and awe that tattoos can  possess.

Japanese style back piece

Below is Kuniyoshi’s Ariōmaru Kills a Giant Octopus, circa 1833-1835. In Japanese medieval military chronicles Ariō was a servant of Priest Shunkan who gave particularly loyal service during Shunkan’s banishment and death on Kikai island. The inscription in the top right of the picture tells how Ariō killed a giant octopus during his journey to Kikai island to join his master.


Here is the 2nd sitting on an ongoing back piece representing the woodblock





I put this original design on a customer , the text was the idea that the image gave him, I tried to make an anatomical type drawing having an idea the nerves and muscles are turned to circuits and the brain stem is sparking agitating the bubbles



Check yo’self Fool

heres a gypsy sleeve i finished a year ago,this is the 1st good photo i got of it,Image

Mark the owner of it was in gettin his 2nd sleeve started with a session heres his lucky cat,

i drew this with the hand swung down, usually depicted with the hand up they can look a little clunky and robotic ImageImage

looking forward to seeing this done, got a feeling ill fly through it,after this 3hr sit,cheers Mark