Strange leg sleeve at castle wolfenknee

1st week back , got another sitting on Kieron’s leg sleeve, this has been coming together over the last three years slowly the gaps are closing in on it ,


We done this hawkshead moth around the front of the ankle, I’ll post better healed photos when he’s back from his six month rock climbing expedition across Europe , Bon voyage Kieron !

Insipration in the the Room

In the shop ive tried hard to make a functional and inspiring place to work in and be tattooed in, (only today a customer was gazing at the reflection of a sharps bin in the chrome paint drips and decided to mimic the orange to yellow colour fade in his Tattoo..)

In my workspace at home its a starker leaner enviroment but …..

Hard @ it

,whores will have their Trinkets…heres some of mine


  My Drawing desk with old business cards on it

silver mexican fighting cockrels