Dissolution / Genie from the lamp

Here’s the third tattoo in the dissolution theme I’ve been working on.
A genie coming from a lamp was given to a long time customer and friend, again he had no say in the design but was happy to go ahead when I showed him the sketches.




One of the tattoosin this style has been given away each month until December
Thank you for all the applications and interest
There are no more free Tattoos left ,;)

Japanese full day sitting

Mr Butler was in visiting us @ timeless with a full day sitting to speed up sleeve a bit ! Here it is


Hanya mask cover up of old English writing ( remember that!?! ) used to tattoo it everyday now covering them up !

Craig sat well right till 6.pm ,so well in man!
I finished up the 6.5 hour sitting with some solid elbow fill


Top of the arm is next ‘ ,
Thanks for reading