Samurai vs Squid 

more progress on this back piece , making short work on this were about 5 appointments in this was the first full day sitting on it 👍

If you want a closer look at the tattoo in person I’ll be doing 3 hours on this at our booth on the Sunday at the Scottish Tattoo Convention , support your local tattoo show , the Edinburgh show has continued to be a show to look forward to 


I put this original design on a customer , the text was the idea that the image gave him, I tried to make an anatomical type drawing having an idea the nerves and muscles are turned to circuits and the brain stem is sparking agitating the bubbles



Busy Busy ,here’s a roundup

Back into this after a year and a half lay off , I’ll se it again in September hopefully complete by early next year


Another session on this sleeve from last October enjoying this one


I’m looking forward to the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention at the end of May


I made this joker side piece in one session 3hrs45
The design was taken from a deck of Russian playing cards