Champion of Bowles !

Andy Bowles was @ timeless tattoo today getting the finishing touches to his double koi and peony sleeve here it is , !,

I covered Andys face in his blood soaked t shirt I don’t like to see the pain I inflict , it’s very off putting ūüôā

ONI (japanese demon) head on chest panel

Double koi swimming upstream

Thanks Andy your a trooper!

Samuari fights Dragon full back !!!!

This has been on the go for 3 years now since my 1st visit to Japan, all lines with a loose 3 as I was shown the boldness of the line is deceptive , note the dragon in behined the spiral ,

This is the year to bring this to an end , wee Scott is a tough and uncomplaining customer we even done a tag team sit on him to speed up this piece , (more bang for your buck)!


The signature bar on the side Is the phonetic translation into kanji .this was chosen for me by Satoru Koizumi San and I’m proud to tattoo it on large scale japanese pieces

If the customer permits me to add it ,

Here is my own back piece by Steven Wrigley of Irezumi Glasgow note the chop (signature block to be filled)

Here is Koizumi Sans Horiyoshi 3 back piece shaded by hand, note the chop on the lower left,
Thanks for reading!

only real men wear pink!

Travels to Japan #2

While I was in Okinawa I met a tattooer of 1year called Hiro ,he had some nice work from Satoru he was getting a goldfish tattoo after we were hanging out

Watching the tattoo was a good chance for me to see how the smooth greys were applied , Hiro was a good guy and looks to be a good tattooer, I learned the grey wash mix and the needle set ups to achieve the deep greys that are seen in Satorus work ,

The day to day decor in and around Okinawa are inspiring for any tattooer it was nice to check out the temple and play some tekken Japanese arcade style! There’s a lot of pain in the room with thes two guys getting long painfull sittings,

The pain game!
Thanks for reading!,

Irezumi Tattoo Glasgow,

i’ve¬†been a Regular of Irezumi¬†Tattoo Studio Since 2004 ive had almost all my tattoos done at this shop i¬†had both my sleeves done before i started tattooing in 2005/6

The shop has survived on its good reputation in the sleepy Dowanhill¬†Street just of Byres¬†Road in the West end of Glasgow with Steven Wrigley knocking out 1st class tattoos since he left¬† his father¬†Terrys¬†shop¬†and opened Irezumi in the late 1990’s,

the shop is known for its Japanese style work and Traditional Tattoos ,its hard to explain the impact of seeing Stevens work around in Glasgow and the photos of large scale¬†colorwork¬†that adorned the walls of the shop on my first few visits If you pick up a tattoo magazine from around this era it’s not too hard too see why it blew me away,

heres all the work i have had done at irezumi so far, i plan to complete my bodysuit there as a testament to the eye opening affect it had on me then an now and its influence on my own Tattoo Career.

you can find Steven Wrigley and Stephen Kelly there tues to sat if you fancy gettin yourself a piece of Glasgows Tatttooing Legacy,