Backpiece progress

More on this previously posted backpiece , 2nd sitting since Marches Scottish Tattoo Convention ,digging away on this, blood sweat and tears all the way  

Almost over the line here taking it down over the back of the thighs to give it the full scope of a proper back piece ,

More  on this back piece  

straight of a flight from Canada a quick shower and then another full day sitting on this ,hardcore dedication to the bodysuit tattoo 

Enjoying this one , check previous post for full info on the theme here 
The mental and financial strains  of the body suit are a true measure of your dedication ,

these days with tattoos being more common and visible ,work on this scale is the next step in maintaining the mystique and awe that tattoos can  possess.

Samurai vs Squid 

more progress on this back piece , making short work on this were about 5 appointments in this was the first full day sitting on it 👍

If you want a closer look at the tattoo in person I’ll be doing 3 hours on this at our booth on the Sunday at the Scottish Tattoo Convention , support your local tattoo show , the Edinburgh show has continued to be a show to look forward to 

Recent tattoos

Progress on this Mara back-piece looking forward to adding to this as it will eventually go down to rear thighs


Putting some colour into this Raijin thundergod sleeve ,

And the monkey god Hanuman got finished off

More grunt work on this huge dragon back-piece starting to take shape now ,and the ends in sight ,looking forward to seeing all this filled in

A healed up shot of a glock pistol with a tiny Statue of Liberty on the handle
Good fun

Works in progress

Got the lines on this chest piece , looking forward to getting this in my folio

I’ve made two cover up sleeves on this guy over the past few years , a good customer with good ideas

started this second sleeve a hanya on the lower Raijin on the top

Another long term customer, good to get moving on this


Loving this sleeve , started from the cuff up as laser removal is happening on the upper arm! Background is underrated and my favourite part of Japanese tattooing

Leg sleeves in progress





Some progress shots of two leg sleeves I’ve been working on , oni slaying TIger,foo dog, on one leg,
Raijin and Fujin the Japanese gods of thunder and Wind on the other ,this has all been done rapidly in full day sittings after starting on an arm sleeve last May were now onto leg 2 with some work remaining on leg 1,