Mak#1 head tattoo report

My good mate mak#1 popped in recently for some head script


Mak#1 is a graffiti legend from Glasgow’s Easy riders ,he is now making fine graffiti inspired tattoos south of the border @mrs lovetts Kendal soon to have his own gaff Deathstar tattoo if the whisper on the wind is correct ‘


Getting steamed in’,

Hats of to you Tam!, mak#1 is a guest artist from time to time if u would like to get tattooed by him contact the shop for availability .heres some of his work on walls and skin







Insanity @ Timeless Tattoo Glasgow


The Landslide of work coming through the shop at the minute is being enjoyed by everyone, ive been buried under my share,keeping hard at it though,if you are waiting on a design be patient im on it,



The Birds in the Sky sing Strange songs that an Timeless affiliate and Graff Legend will be making his way up to the shop soon for a short spot keep listening/……

stipple tattooing and other work

this whole tattoo was done with a liner needle 3 and 5 its a technique ive been experimenting with on and off

heres another one all done with a 3 liner straight black

ill do well inside if i ever get imprisoned i reckon,

in other news my Compad’re Mak #1 popped by and blessed the shop shutters with his inimatable graff stylings, thats me just getting round to blogging it ,thanks Tam!