Avalanche survivor!!!

Been flat out at work and still wading through several large drawings , I reckon I’ll be taking no more on come September
Here’s some stuff ive been working on

A hanya mask cover up for a longtime customer
One more sitting till its complete,

This guys 1st tattoo done over two sittings a fortnight apart already talk of more to follow .
Better photo when healed ,

Free tattoo sitting #2 (Dissolution)

Today’s second full day sitting on this around ten hours in now looking to be the fastest and most unusual sleeve I’ve made to date ” based on my pen and ink artwork the concept was a very loose idea it’s been great fun applying it to skin i call this stuff dissolution as it looks like its dissolving i will be pushing this project as far as I can go. I will be looking for open minded tattoo collectors to push this area of my tattooing I’m bored of all the safe shit.in a day and age where most people sport tattoos it will take something unusual to set us apart ” go hard or go home”

Round two

Dissolution process is of fundamental importance to the description of numerous natural processes on earth, and it is commonly utilized by humans. Dissolution testing is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for optimization of formulation and quality control.
Thanks for reading 🙂