No more tattoos being taken on till Next year!!!!

Hi ,as previously advertised the deadline for new clients has been reached , there will be no more new tattoos taken on now till into next year.
date t.b.c
Other resident artists and guest Artists may have space in their schedule ,
please call the shop for Availability 0141 353 0510

Here’s some photos of stuff I’ve been working on

Hanya mask blast over cover up
The tendency to cover up unwanted work with dark ,dingy ,second rate work can be met head on with a bit of imagination
I think the end result of obscuring the tattoo underneath with a nice design over it negates the show through areas
I invite anyone to guess what’s underneath this cover up
Job done!

Another sitting done on this thunder and wind god!
Better photos coming soon

Another sitting on this Japanese style Buddhist angel (tenyo)
Finished photos coming in 2 weeks

Thanks for reading

Timeless Tattoo Glasgow

This summer marks our 2nd year at timeless tattoo,things at about to change up a little with a new shop manager starting in September ,
We have many exciting things ahead with some interesting guest artists coming and further guests .T.B.A

With the first phase of timeless mk2 under our belt we are all looking forward to the shake up that changes inevitably bring.
We’re not a shop to rest on our achievements and we pay little heed to the fishbowl tattoo scene which is at saturation point , There are few shops around who’s staff don’t dance through a revolving door , and for this stability and creative environment we are thankful,

I will be giving away one tattoo per month up until Christmas
I will make designs /someone will get the tattoo
Two are already booked in
I won’t give away a tattoo to the same person twice
The recipient will have no say on the design in any way
Take it or leave it

By doing this it gives me a break from being the dancing monkey that tattooing makes you.
Often customer input can debase the tattoo ,each customer is different on their level of input
But when people pay you for a service they are buying their say (which is fair enough)

What’s cool today is dated tomorrow

To be considered for a tattoo please email the shop @
Please research the dissolution theme which I wrote about earlier in this blog
Keep your eyes open and your mind .


Timeless Tattoos summer madness

This summer is well underway in the shop with appointments filling up for all the artists ,
we are approaching our second year @ Timeless Tattoo #2
in Dundas street Glasgow ! we are settled in well and going from strength to strength
Our guest artist schedule has some great guests coming to work alongside the resident artists .

Coming soon!
Nick Horn from Goodtimes London
Matt Ahn from invisible NYC (t.b.c)
Ryota from TenTen tattoo in Melbourne
Check them out in older blog posts right here!

keep it Timeless