Black n grey japanese bodysuit in progress !!!   

Black n grey japanese bodysuit in progress !!! Been working on this for around 5 years now with a gap of around two years after the first sleeve was completed. Featuring ,koi, foo dog,dragon ,samuari skull and rats, a water and autumn scene for the backgrounds, looking forward to working on this again ,thanks Peter


Dragon sleeve 

This colourful dragon sleeve started of with a one point Buddah head then quickly developed into a large sleeve here’s the progress after a full day sitting , these are £450 and gives you from 11-6 with a short lunch break 

Recent tattoos

Progress on this Mara back-piece looking forward to adding to this as it will eventually go down to rear thighs


Putting some colour into this Raijin thundergod sleeve ,

And the monkey god Hanuman got finished off

More grunt work on this huge dragon back-piece starting to take shape now ,and the ends in sight ,looking forward to seeing all this filled in

A healed up shot of a glock pistol with a tiny Statue of Liberty on the handle
Good fun