Foo dog and geisha

This side panel has been getting some hours in lately here’s how it’s going


The foo dog chest panel is above the geisha on the ribs

This guy sits like a rock , more of this please!
Keep an eye out for the completed tattoo photos soon

Foo dog sleeve – lower arm

This tattoo was made to link up to another artists work on the upper arm


Straight forward and fun ,
Here’s some info on Foo Dogs

Foo Dogs (Fu Dogs, Foo Lions, Guardian Lions, or Komainu) are the guardians of Buddhist Asian temples. These ancient sacred dogs are usually placed to the left and to the right of a temple entrance.

Many Chinese restaurants have placed Foo Dogs outside their restaurant doors and they are meant to protect the owner and their family. The meaning of the foo dog is to guard and to protect. They are believed to have powerful mythic protective powers. The meaning of a foo dog tattoo is therefore very similar, to protect it’s bearer and guard against evil forces.

Review timeless !!!!

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Here’s mr Murawski getting his tattoo from Timeless Tattoos Paul Clave.


D.M.T Stole my psyche!!!

heres a crazy sleeve im working on at the moment,Spacey ,new world order Alien themes,with the D.M.T code in the middle/!

v for vendetta ,alien and earth shiz!

v for vendetta ,alien and earth shiz!

chakra and orb man

chakra and orb man

wheel of life and color dotwork madness

wheel of life and color dotwork madness

hold on to the seat Derek,Your Trippin'

hold on to the seat Derek,Your Trippin’

Big thanks to Derek on this for being mega imaginative on this,