Avalanche survivor!!!

Been flat out at work and still wading through several large drawings , I reckon I’ll be taking no more on come September
Here’s some stuff ive been working on

A hanya mask cover up for a longtime customer
One more sitting till its complete,

This guys 1st tattoo done over two sittings a fortnight apart already talk of more to follow .
Better photo when healed ,

Painting at high speeds

When I got home from Okinawa I was full of ideas for painting ,Satorus paintings had me thinking I had to get my game on and improve my technique
I set about doing one painting a day., paintings are essentially boring and lack the free spirit of sketching but it has a direct reflection on your work ,you generally find if someone’s paintings are tidy their tattoos will be also,it’s hard to set aside a life time of drawing freely and adopt a set procedure to make a tight painting, this is where tattooing in turn influences the painting procedure in draughtsmanship .

Here’s an example of foo dog painting by Satoru and an unfinished tattoo of a foo dog head the approach is worked out in the drawings and the tattoos are mega clean ,


Here’s a slice of 3 of the 12 paintings I made , they will be available as paired up prints 2to an A3sheet


Some didn’t make completion ,!


Please contact me for print Availibility @ timelesstattooglasgow@hotmail.com
Thanks for reading!

Back to work

almost back to work time,I’m itching to get going again and try out my brand new mini bulldog liner! ( thanks Satoru) I’m busy painting (playing Xbox and messing about) and getting ready to do the last of my drawings for work, if you are waiting on a design please be patient ,

All work and no play , makes jack a dull boy!