Tattoos by Roddy McLean

Here is a collection of recent custom made tattoos

5 thoughts on “Tattoos by Roddy McLean

  1. Hey roddy,

    You tattooed me awhile back in 2009 at oneshot in Okinawa. I’ll be visiting family in holland next summer and will be traveling around would it be possible to get some time in the seat if I contacted you ahead of time?


  2. Hi Roddy

    I have discovered your work via FYeahTattost. Dude. I Love your designs!

    I am collecting designs form all over the world and I would like to buy one or two of your designs. I am starting a mens fashion label and I want to apply inspirational tattoo designs to my products (jewellery, bags and accessories). Your “bubble” designs are amazing!

    I would offer you the following:
    – Agreed price for the works
    – Your name will accompany every instance of the design. In other words, the images will be signed and attributed to you
    – We can agree on a limitation of uses for the design. For example, only 1000 uses etc.
    – Your profile will be featured on the website and on an “information about the artist” card on each sold product.

    If you are interested, please reply and we can discuss specific details

    kind regards

    Perth, Western Australia

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